The session started with invocatory prayer by the students of B.Sc (Cardiac Care Technology) course. Dr. Prayaag Kini, who compeered the session welcomed the participants & faculty. He touched upon the theme of “CONVERGENCE” in clinical decision making of a Multi specialty Hospital. Dr. Prayaag invited Dr.P.K.Dash, Head of Department of Cardiology to provide the introductory remarks.


Dr.p.k. Dash provided a ring side view of the developments in Cardiac Sciences from historical to the cutting edge. He detailed various development including drug eluting stents & Bio vascular scaffolds, percutaneous valves and Minimal Access Cardiac Surgery. He then touched upon the various topics that are going to be presented and their importance in a Multi specialty setting.


Dr. Rajasekhar who spoke on the topic “Under the scalpel – Perioperative management of Cardiac Patient undergoing Non-Cardiac surgery” set the tone. He detailed the algorithm for peri-operative evaluation of cardiac patients. He stressed the need for clinical assessment of all patients for functional capacity. Later he detailed the various indications for cardiac investigations (ECG, Echo, TMT, DSE, etc.). Recent American and European guidelines regarding the topic were discussed. At the end of the talk, queries regarding evaluation of asymptomatic patients who are having risk factors for cardiac events were discussed.


Dr. Vigneshwaran, the next one to follow, presented on Hypertension titled “Four Blind Men and the elephant – Management of Hypertension-the giant you see only in ‘parts’”. He detailed American & European classifications of Hypertensions, the differences between them and their usage. He then presented drugs available for treating Hypertension, classification of drugs, mode of action and provided recommendations for use in clinical settings.


Dr. Pranav Shamraj, the next one to take the podium presented on the topic “Statins – wonder drugs or quake masters – the myths and facts cleared”. He started from the time they were introduced in 1983, reviewed various statin compounds and associated clinical trials, current practice and recommendations and the new horizons in statin therapy.


The next one to take the microphone was Dr. S. Booma who deliberated on the topic “And quietly flows the Nile – Anticoagulants/ Anti platelets in Cardiology and how to manage them in patients undergoing non cardiac surgeries”. She discussed on various types of anti platelet/ anti coagulation therapies available and their usage in patient undergoing non cardiac surgery in 3 broad classes, antiplatelet agents after coronary angioplasty, anticoagulation for prosthetic valve/ AFib/ pulmonary embolism/ DVT and aspirin use and their modification peri-operatively. She then took each specialty like general surgery, orthopedics and gynecology, etc and detailed the management of these patients with recommended practices in surgical setting.


The ever ‘burning’ topic of reducing the time taken to cathlab in case of Myocardial Infarction was next taken up by Dr. Jayadutt. He titled his talk as “Where we wish time stood still – the multi specialty management of Acute MI patients for primary PTCA the journey from ER to cathlab in the era of code blue”. He stressed upon the role of each person from relevant specialties in stabilizing and movement of patient to cathlab. He stressed on the need to work in a coordinated and accelerated way to minimize the time for intervention.


The ever green topic of research, the final topic was handled by Dr. Srikanth Sola, Additional senior Consultant. He titled his talk “No progress without Research – the basics of writing a scientific research paper”. In his 25minute talk, he shared the view of the Founder, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba that we, the clinicians should find new ways of treating patients not just continuing to treat patients. He also elucidated on various steps of writing research paper.


Dr. Reeta Varyani provided the Vote of thanks by expressing gratitude to the Founder for the opportunity and then thanking the Director Dr.Sunderashan for starting the SSSIHMS clinical meeting. She thanked Dr. P.K.Dash, the speakers, support staff and finally the audience. The program ended with Mangala Aarathi to Bhagwan at 1.15pm.


All the participants were appreciative of the presentations and selection of relevant topics. After every topic there was a discussion and queries were answered. And thus Multiple specialties CONVERGED…