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Siemens Artis Zee Biplane Cathlab

Philips FD10 Cathlab

GE Vivid E95 Echo Machine

GE Vivid E95 Echo Machine

GE Vivid S70 portable Echo Machine


Ensite Precision 3D Mapping System

IVUS-Intravascular Ultrasound

CCU bed with equipment

Department of Cardiology

The department of Cardiology at SSSIHMS, Bangalore offers the entire gamut of services – outpatient, inpatient and critical care – totally free of cost. It figures among leading national institutions performing a wide variety of adult and pediatric interventions.

  • Diagnostics and interventional procedures with high degree of clinical excellence.
  • Wide spectrum of clinical conditions offers good academic exposure.
  • State-of-art tests and procedures assist in accurate diagnosis and planning of treatment.
  • Individual attention to patients for best evaluation and treatment plans. Broad treatment options include
  • Lifestyle modification recommendations, medications and procedures.

The Outpatient Department (OPD) offers consultation and diagnostic services to over 50,000 patients every year, and the Cardiac Catheterization Lab performs around 2,800 interventional procedures including Mitral Valvuloplasty, Coronary Angioplasties, Congenital Interventions, EP studies/RF ablations, pacemaker and ICD implantations and Device closures.

We are among the largest centers that offer Balloon Valvuloplasty in the country and one of the few to perform Electrophysiology studies and Radiofrequency Ablations regularly. We also perform Congenital Device Closures and Arrhythmia device Implantations from time to time.


  • Doctors do not have to worry about financial burden/ capability of patient when deciding the diagnostic and treatment plan (including cross departmental references from Radiology Dept like Cardiac CT, and Cardiac MRI)
  • High-end work in Noninvasive areas like 3D and 4D echocardiography, and work on ventricular and atrial strain
  • We have performed one of the highest numbers of Valvuloplasty, including mitral valvuloplasty requiring septal puncture
  • A centre for less common procedures such as Alcohol septal ablations, VSD and RSoV, APW transcatheter closures and CRT implantations
  • A centre of excellence for quality training at post-graduate and doctoral levels
  • Free and quality care for all patients
  • Patient-care plan rooted in clinical evaluations with supportive investigations- excellent opportunities to learn and grow on- the-job.

Special things we are doing

  1. We treat many “one of its kind” malformations in both cardiac and vascular areas as evidenced by multiple presentations and awards at echocardiography and Invasive Cardiology conferences like INDIA LIVE, IAE, NIC- INDIA, SCAI and National CSI Conferences.
  2. Multiple presentations of varied rhythm disorders are treated here.
  3. Cardiology Research activities – we are part of multiple trials led by National PIs from public-funded institutions like AIIMS etc, as also spearheading trials like COLSAI (Colchicine in CAD), SAIMITRA (MRI in mitral regurgitation),PROMESA( Drug eluting stent for iliac and SFA disease) etc. from our institution

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