A Stranger Pointing The Patient to SSSIHMS

Sharmila was diagnosed of her heart condition when she was pregnant. She had a hole in the lower part of the heart and additionally there was a bulge in the area just above the aortic valve obstructing the flow of blood into the lungs. Her condition required an open-heart surgery.

As she was pregnant no treatment could be done at that time. After the delivery, they could not afford the treatment considering the cost involved.

Four years later, as her condition worsened, along with her husband she went from her village to the city of Kolkata. As they were returning by train with the Echocardiogram report, a co-passenger struck up a conversation with them, and coming to know of her heart issue, gave them the address of SSSIHMS, Bangalore. A total stranger was pointing them in the right direction.

In January 2017, the open-heart surgery was done successfully and the follow up visit in April 2017, showed complete recovery.

Now the young mother is looking forward to bringing up her daughter in the best possible manner with the good health given as a blessing by Swamy. She can now lead a completely normal life.

(All names are changed to protect privacy)

(As told to and written by Subramanian Venkataraman, a volunteer)

Note to the reader:
A hole in the heart is one of the common heart problems at the time of birth. Especially in the lower part of heart is more problematic. In left undetected/unclosed at the time of pregnancy, it would create lot of problems. .