Going green

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Whitefield aims to responsible hospital which balances patient care with care for nature.  

waste management

All waste generated in the Hospital  is segregated and recycled to generate wealth and is responsibly recycled or disposed.

Tree transplantation

Due to ongoing Bangalore Metro work in front of hospital 108 trees were transplanted into our campus.

Power conservation

  • Air conditioning optimization to conserve electricity
  • Fixing of LED lights across hospital

Solar power generation

We are first hospital in country to install it own 100 KVA solar power generation plant. Hospital plans to add another 180 KVA capacity shortly.

RainWater harvesting

Hospital has undertaken several Rain water harvesting initiatives

Water treatment to maximize water usage

Hospital is one of the first in Bangalore city to have its own water treatment plant several years before it became mandatory. Fresh water is used for drinking, bathing and in wash basins. Then this water goes to sullage treatment plant and is recycled in sewage treatment plant for use in flushing tanks. Then this water is again recycled for use in the gardens.