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The Neurosciences facility includes:

1. EEG Telemetry

2. EEG


4. Evoked Potential Studies

5. Intraoperative Electrophysiological Monitoring

6. Intraoperative Micro Doppler

7. Transcranial Doppler

8. Intraoperative Ultrasound

9. Stereotaxy

10.State of the art operating microscopes

11.Brain & Spine Endoscopes with 3 chip HD Camera

12.Neuro navigation System


14.Ultrasonic Aspirator

15.Micro Electrode Recorder

16.Image Intensifiers

17.High speed Pneumatic Drill Systems

All types of Neurosurgical problems are treated in the department be it a complex giant aneurysm, an AVM, neuroendoscopic procedures, stereotactic surgery or a multi-compartment large skull base tumor. The department is known for the treatment aneurysms, AVMs especially posterior circulation & giant aneurysms under low flow state or circulatory arrest and hypothermia. Patients with these problems are referred here from other national institutions for surgery.

Brain Aneurysm Surgery under Total Circulatory Arrest

Giant Aneurysm Surgery under Total Circulatory Arrest