Department of ENT


To provide consultation, diagnostic and therapeutic services including medical management to all patients seeking services in the Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck specialty.


To provide services in ENT and Head and Neck specialty including consultation, diagnosis and treatment for the following:

  1. Ear conditions
  2. Nose conditions
  3. Throat conditions
  4. Neck swellings
  5. Chronic dacryocystitis
  6. Foreign body in Ear, Nose and Throat

Services not available:

  1. Audiological tests
  2. Hearing aid trials
  3. Cochlear implants
  4. Bronchoscopies
  5. Oncosurgeries
  6. Extensive skull base tumours



Full Time:

Dr. Reema Shetty, Consultant,


Area of Expertise: Ear, nose, Throat and Head and Neck

Area of Interest: Head and Neck


Part Time- Honorary

Dr. Narayan, HOD

Dr. Ravi Manohar, Sr. Consultant

Dr. Shankar