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Hospital Management Information System


IT in a hospital involves collation, segregation, storage and retrieval of data pertaining to all aspects of the hospital. SSSIHMS has one of the best IT implementations in India among hospitals. In addition to the latest in Medical Technology to provide the best medical treatment, SSSIHMS is also technologically advanced to enhance its capabilities to serve patients better. Technology is effectively used to facilitate the operations of the hospital, to improve the utilization of infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

The Enterprise Management (EM) from Dedalus is a comprehensive, integrated, modular, state-of-the-art, standards based HIS system. It integrates modular applications into a seamless work flow of clinical events and processes across multiple departments and functional areas. As patient events unfold, doctors, nurses and hospital staff receive information in real time as documents, images and videos, support a paperless environment. Built on a J2EE platform, EM is web based application, allowing users to access information anywhere within the hospital through web browser.

Benefits of EM include flexibility and customization to match individual styles of practice so professionals can work with ease, focusing on patient care. Information, such as resource allocation and patient movement, is available to relevant users within the hospital. Outstanding clinical benefits are accompanied by substantial administrative benefits through EM.

Health professionals can access the latest accurate details of a patient’s condition to enable a more correct diagnosis and treatment decisions, better planning and deployment of resources, reduction in duplication and wastage.

Picture Archival And Communication System

In keeping with the system’s focus on integrated eHealth initiatives, in April 2009, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust made a strategic investment by procuring SYNAPSE, a state-of-the-art Picture archival and Communication system from FUJIFILM Medical Systems.

The PACS enables efficient management of all medical images captured from a variety of modalities of SSSIHMS hospitals Prasanthigram and Whitefield, providing radiologists and clinicians with instant electronic access to those exams to support the diagnostic reporting process. Over the coming months, installation will include comprehensive work flow integration of the radiology departments of all the SSSMT hospitals, infrastructure to integrate modality capture and HIS.

FUJIFILM’s next-generation medical imaging and information management system, SYNAPSE allows the archiving and distribution of vast amounts of image information from all modalities, managing it all with a single system. With the first comprehensive PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) with next-generation Web technology, SYNAPSE utilizes the latest Wavelet compression technology for on-demand compression and access of large files quickly and easily regardless of location. SYNAPSE has revolutionized the management of radiology imaging services, supporting image diagnosis with high-quality images, numerous image processing features and easy operation, affording exciting new possibilities in this rapidly evolving medical field.

PACS was an essential investment in hospital’s future. Shared PACS networks and shared radiologist resources allow remote facilities to benefit from access to centralized radiologists and specialists, which greatly improve the timeliness of diagnosis and enhances patient care. The road map includes centralized storage of all images across departments including pathology, pre and post surgery clippings etc., and a seamless access to the studies from outside the facilities using a secured VPN.

Inventory management System:

In order to to provide the Cost effective procurement of medical consumables, a comprehensive Inventory Management System was developed in-house by HMIS. The system helps in making decisions in purchasing and maintaining optimal stock of medical consumables through reorder levels. Apart from that IMS provides for tracking of the items up to the point of consumption.

Swami blessing HMIS staff

Swami blessing HMIS Department staff

RIS & PACS usage in Radiology Viewing Room

RIS & PACS usage in Radiology Viewing Room

Advanced Barco Monitors for Radiology reporting

Advanced Barco Monitors for Radiology reporting

Ariel View of Hospital

Dome Area