Faculty of Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine

  1. Dr.Kolli S.Chalam, MD, PDCC. (Prof &Head of the Department)
  2. Dr.Pankaj Punetha, DNB (Anaesthesia) Sr. Consultant
  3. Dr.Geetanjali Tulapurkar, MD, Sr.Consultant
  4. Dr.AnithaDiwakar, MD, DNB (Cardiac Anaesthesia), Additional Sr. Consultant
  5. Dr.Anuradha Kamath, DNB, DA, PDFCA, FTEE, Consultant
  6. Dr.Vrushali Choudhary,DNB (Anaesthesia), Consultant


  • Academic Senior residents: 4
  • Academic Junior residents: 6
  • Technicians: 7
  • BSC anesthesia & OT Technology students: 28


Overseas Visiting Consultants from USA:

  1. Dr.Kalpalatha. Guntupalli, M.D., FCCM, FCCP, MACP, Endowed Professor for Pulmonary Disorders, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas.
  2. Dr.Y.Ganesh,Professor of Nephrology, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, Cincinnati, OH
  3. Dr.Shankar Gopinath Assoc Professor, Neuro Surgery  & Neuro Intensive Care  BCM, Texas
  4. Dr.Namitha Sood, Professor of Pulmonology,University of Texas, Houston
  5. Dr.Jayaram Guntupalli, Professor, Nephrology, BCM, Texas
  6. Dr.Deepa, Gotur Asst Prof Pulmonology ,BCM, Texas
  7. Dr.Dharani Narendra, Asst.Prof, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas
  8. Dr.Sridevi Devaraj PhD DABCC,Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.
  9. Dr.Ramya Gopinath,Consultant, Infectious diseases,Maryland, USA
  10. Dr.Mayur Narayan, Attending Trauma Surgeon, Weill Cornell, Medical Centre ,New York
  11. Dr.Sai Kaumudi Saridey,Assistant Professor, Nephrology, BCM,Chief, Adult Renal Section, Women’s Pavilion, TCH Medical Director, SNG Bellaire Dialysis, Houston, TX
  12. Dr.Marie Baldisserie, Professor of Critical Care Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA.


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