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Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

The Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine consists of Cardiac and Neuro anaesthesia, Multi-specialities’ anaesthesia, Critical Care Medicine, Chronic pain therapy Clinic/PAC clinic and anaesthesia for day care procedures (NORA in cath labs and radiology suit) and code blue service.

The anaesthesia services cater to 8 +4 modular operation theatres, 6 Intensive care units, 3 Catheterization labs (2 Cardiac Cathlab & 1 Bi-Plane Neuro cathlab), Emergency (casualty) department and CT/MRI Suite. The total number of surgeries (both Cardiac and Neuro surgeries) carried out per annum are 3000 and multi-specialities 1700 approximately. There is continuous and uninterrupted service provided by the anaesthesia department with two postgraduates and two consultants on emergency duty.

The Department imparts postgraduate training (DNB residency), offers Fellowships under aegis of RGUHS in Cardiac Anaesthesiology and also in Critical Care Medicine of 18 months’ duration. It regularly conducts continuing medical education programs (CMEs) and national conferences in Machines and monitoring, cardiac anaesthesia and critical care medicine. Overseas faculty in Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine take part in the academic and clinical activities of the department of anaesthesiology. The Department also undertakes research activities, scientific paper presentation at state and national conferences. The faculty and post-graduates regularly take classes and also give clinical training to students of B.Sc Nursing and Paramedical students, B.Sc – Anaesthesia and OT Technology and also nursing staff e.g. Annual critical care nursing conference etc.

 BLS and ACLS(AHA affiliated international training site)

The Department of Anaesthesiology in association with the American Heart Association, and the Phoenix Institute of CPR and Defibrillation, New Delhi periodically conducts BLS & ACLS training for Healthcare providers and volunteers (community CPR). With the state of the art manikins from laerdals and AMBU (wireless integration software to monitor high quality CPR), AHA certified instructors, the department imparts training to the nursing staff/students/paramedics, residents, consultants from all the departments in the hospital and outside institutions. The successful participants get AHA cards/certificates at the end of the course which is valid for two years.

Cardiac Anaesthesia


The department of Anaesthesia provides both, elective and emergency anaesthesia services in over 1100 adult and paediatric patients.

Illustrative procedures:Adult cardiac surgeries:
CABG, MVR, AVR, Mitral Commisurotomy, Atrial Myxoma Excisions, Adult ASD Closure, Aortic Aneurysms and root replacement, Pericardiectomy, Thymectomy ..

Minimally invasive surgeries such as Mitral Valve repair and ASD repairs etc.

Paediatric cardiac Surgeries:
ASD closure, VSD closure, Total Correction of TOF, TAPVC repair, PAPVC repair, ALCAPA repair, AV canal repair, DORV, DCRV, Glenn procedure, Fontan procedure, PDA Ligation / Division, Left and Right BT shunt…

Critical care and pain relief services:
Post operative care of the above procedures like pain relief, respiratory care haemodynamic support and so on, is rendered by the consultants, senior residents, DNB students. There are one cardiac ICU and two CCUs with a total strength of (18+30) beds.

Anaesthesia services for Cardiac Catheterization procedures and CCU:
The procedures include the genres of PTMC, PVBD, PTCA, Peripheral stenting and so on.
Respiratory care and resuscitative services are also made available to the needy patients in CCU.

Neuro Anaesthesia and Critical care

Neuro Anaesthesia and Critical care

Neuro Anesthesia wing provides both elective and emergency anesthesia services in over 1500 adult and pediatric Neuro surgical patients.

Illustrative Procedures:

Neurovascular surgeries like Excision of Cranial and Spinal Arterio-Venous Malformation (AVMs), Clipping of aneurysms also under Adenosine Transient Asystole, Surgery for giant aneurysms under CPB, Dural AV fistula disconnection (DAVF), Excision of Cavernomas, Trigeminal Neuralgia etc.

Neuro-Oncology surgeries like gliomas, acoustic tumors, Meningiomas, Pituitary tumors, Intraventricular tumors, Intracranial metastasis etc.

Pediatric Neuro surgeries like Posterior Fossa tumors, Optochiasmatic / hypothalamic tumors, Craniopharyngiomas, Pineal tumors; Neuro – Developmental disorders like Chiari malformation, Encephalocoele, Hydrocephalus, Spinal Dysraphism repair, CVJ (Craniovertebral junction) anomalies and also drainage of Cardiogenic Intracranial Abscesses.

Spinal Surgery procedures like Lumar Discectomies; Pedicle screw fixation/PLIF Posterior lumbar instrumentation and fusion/ALIF Anterior lumbar instrumentation and fusion for Lumbar Spondylolisthesis ; Cervical Discectomy, cervical Corpectomy and instrumentation, Laminoplasty, Laminectomy and also excision of Spinal Tumors like Glioma, Ependyomoma, IDEM Intra Dural Extramedullary Tumour.

Peripheral nerve surgery like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar nerve release, Brachial plexus injuries.

Stereotactic procedures like Biopsy, Drainage of abscess / Cyst, Placement of reservoir.

General anesthesia or Monitored anesthesia care in Neuro Cath lab for patients undergoing embolisation or investigative procedures.

Awake craniotonies:

-regional anesthesia ,

MAC and Intra operative neuro monitoring

Neuro Post operative Critical Care (PACU):

All the above operated cases will receive ICU care & pain relief, in the 16 bedded post operative Neuro ICU till they are found fit to be transferred to the post operative ward.

Neuro Intensive care unit:

It is a 10 bedded unit with all the facilities for long term respiratory support with invasive and non-invasive monitoring.

Critical care is rendered to patients suffering from neurological conditions like Myasthenia gravis, Guillain Barre syndrome, CVA (stoke / paralysis), SAH patients, Traumatic brain injury, Status epilepticus, hypertensive crisis, Septic Shock syndromes (SIRS), etc.

Swami blessing Neuro Patient

Swami blessing Neuro Patient

Swami blessing a patient

Swami blessing a patient

Swami blessing a small child

Swami blessing a small child

Swami Blessing a child after Neurosurgery

Swami Blessing a child after Neurosurgery