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 Lab Infrastructure

All the regular Diagnostics Tests required for Cardiac & Neuro-sciences are performed at the SSSIHMS-Wfd Laboratory.

The Laboratory has the different sections which are all well equipped for the above purpose.

The Microbiology laboratory has the required safety cabinets (Class __ and Class __) as well as the automated bacterial culture (BactiAlert) and Identification & Sensitivity testing equipment (Vitek2).

The Biochemistry laboratory is equipped with Fully Automated Biochemistry equipment (floor models) along with chemiluminescence analyzer (Roche Cobas e411) for hormonal profiles.

Cell counters, cytospin and coagulation analyzers help the Hematology and Clinical Pathology laboratory to perform its investigations accurately and with a short turn-around-time. The Histopathology laboratory is equipped with microtome & cyrotome as well as with the required special stains and immunohistochemistry antibodies.

The Blood Bank is situated in a spacious area with all facilities for collection from the donors, testing, componenting and storage facilities.

For a few investigations that are rarely requested for, we have a tie-up with accredited laboratories from where these investigations are out-sourced. Not all are the in-house facilities provided free of cost to the patient, the hospital provides for the outsourced investigations too.