The theme of the clinical meet conducted on 27th Feb, 2016 was “Prevention of cardiac disease and redo cardiac surgeries”; goal was to make use of available resources given by Bhagwan cost effectively to benefit maximum number of patients.

The programme started with the welcome note by Dr Sundaresh our Diretor. He extended a warm hearty welcome to our esteemed guests, Padma Vibhushan, Dr. M S Valiathan, a Legend in cardiac surgery, Dr Shekar Rao, the HOD of pediatric cardiac surgery Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore, Dr Muralidhar, HOD Cardiac Anaesthesia, Narayana Hrudayalaya. Dr. Krishna Manohar, HOD CTVS introduced Dr. M S Valiathan and his contribution as the Creator of the ‘TTK Chitra valve’, India’s first prosthetic valve, implanted in over 1 lakh patients till date. The first patient who received the valve 25yrs ago was invited and he presented Prof. Valiathan a memento commemorating the 25th anniversary, as a token of gratitude, love and appreciation. ( photo attached on E-Mail)

Dr. M S Valiathan, addressed all of us regarding the trials and tribulations faced by him in making the valve and what lies in front of the young surgeons and how to overcome them with a strong will. He also highlighted the debt we have to repay to our teachers, which can be done only by training our subordinates. Dr. Krishna Manohar spoke on acquired ischemic cardiomyopathy in Indian children- prevention, CABG or heart transplant and the need for a focused setup exclusively for pediatric cardiac surgery as children are the future of our country.

The series of presentations started after a divine song by our student. The first presentation was by Mr. Mohan who spoke about his role as manager of the CTVS department. The second presentation was about the preop counseling and preparation of patient for surgery and the checklist we follow before the patients undergo surgery by Sister Mary Kutty. Sr Annamma spoke regarding the Crew checklist in which she elaborated about the steps we follow in the OT to prevent surgical site wound infections and the various steps adopted for a safe surgery. On behalf of the perfusionists Ms. Smrithi explained the perfusionist’s role in a redo cardiac surgery.

Dr C S Hiremath emphasized on the importance of taking efforts in repairing the pulmonary valve during TOF surgery so as to prevent Redo Pulmonary valve implantation and preservation of right ventricular function in the future. Dr Pooja elucidated about the mitral valve and the various repairs that can be done to preserve the mitral valve to prevent replacement and the hazards of anticoagulation in children. Dr Sudheer highlighted the benefits in terms of reduced morbidity, need for redo and mortality of mitral valve repairs over replacements.

Dr Yatindra presented about the strategies that can be adopted to prevent tricuspid valve replacements and thus prevent the hazards of anticoagulation. He highlighted the importance of the forgotten valve …the tricuspid valve and the repairs which can be performed to preserve it. Dr Siddharth brought to light the incidence of premature coronary artery disease in the young adults and the burden it puts on the progress of our country. The importance of a good surgical strategy and choice of conduits in these patients in preventing redo surgeries was highlighted.

Sr Sangeetha spoke about the steps taken in CTVS ICU management, postoperatively to prevent infections, long stay and reoperations. This was followed by Sr. Premalatha’s talk on the need for a good counseling and postoperative management in the ward for a smooth convalescence. The session ended with a talk on primordial prevention of CAD in children by Dr. Tejas and Dr. Anagha. They highlighted the various causes of coronary artery disease and the lifestyle modifications to prevent coronary artery disease in children who undergone correction of congenital heart defects.

The session was concluded by Dr G. Chandrashekar, by his remarks on recent advances cardiac surgery.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Dr Kumaran.

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