This story is a journey of Jashoda Rani, her husband an auto rickshaw driver Paramanondo and their 7 year old daughter Pollobhi , from Laharpur Ranihatti, Bangladesh to SSSIHMS Whitefield, Bangalore.  It is a story of Divine protection and the caring human support received by Jashoda and Pallobhi at SSSIHMS during the most traumatic period in her life.

Pollabhi was born with a congenital heart condition which was not observed till she was five years old. The parents desperate search for a cure and the challenge of financial stress made them realize the futility of their dream.

“Man proposes and God disposes”.  By a stroke of luck Paramanondo, a popular Auto driver by profession, met a family who bore testimony to the excellent medical facility and free cardiac treatment received by them at the Whitefield SSSIHMS Bangalore India.

 Jashoda and Paramanondo wanted to learn more about the hospital and their heart was filled with hope as they perceived light at the end of a tunnel .Filled with renewed hope they made the necessary arrangements to travel to India to find a cure for their child.

Pollabhi was registered at the hospital on 17-7-2017 and after thorough investigation she was diagnosed with TOF- tetralogy of Fallot. The child underwent a physical examination and several tests to confirm the diagnosis.

The family returned to Bangladesh inspired by the professional and human care received at SSSIHMS. Their joy knew no bounds when they received an appointment letter from the hospital within a year in 2018 confirming the possibility of her being posted for surgery if she clears the preoperative screening test.

They had their first session of counselling which helped them overcome their anxiety and fear. After the session they connected in silence to their inner strength.  

Paramonando and Jashoda were in a happy state of mind, relieved and grateful to God. They called their family in Bangladesh on 12-6-18 and shared the happy news with their kith and kin. The couple spoke till late at night about their good fortune in being able to provide the best treatment for their child.

“Destiny is what you meet in life; how you meet it is determined by your will-power” – Baba.          

During the early hours of 13th June 2018 Paramanondo without any forewarning passed away peacefully in his sleep; Jashoda’s courage and strength were being tested to their limits. Torn between the trauma of coping with this unexpected loss – her husband’s sudden demise and end,  and the gift of hope of a new  life for her child, she sought refuge in her spiritual strength and resilient spirit. She reached out for help and was amazed at the healing power of compassion and empathy that flowed from total strangers in a foreign land. Jashoda remained stoic in her loss and was grateful to the seva dals and medical staff who supported her at the hospital like members of her family. She saw goodness and godliness around her as the last rites for her husband was organized and performed after the doctor issued the death certificate at Casualty.

Before Sai Counseling Session

After Sai Counseling Session

This experience of loss and human kindness, of hope and despair no doubt will last a lifetime. She felt the presence of God in every individual and experienced the true spirit of Service with LOVE.

Petite and courageous Pollabhi meanwhile was admitted in the ward on 14-6-18 and surgery performed on 15-6-18 was successful. On 18-6-18 when Jashoda visited Pallobhi in ICU she was traumatized when she saw her child lying in bed with various tubes plugged to monitors. She panicked at the sight of her child and rushed into the counseling department in a hysterical state. She rolled on the floor wailing about her loss and was in a state of deep despair and fear of losing her child.

After surgery

The counseling session helped her calm down considerably and she regained her composure. At that opportune moment of synchronicity a neuro patient from Bangladesh was leaving the counselling department after her session. By Swamis Divine will Jashoda who had not eaten since two days was introduced to this family from Bangladesh . They bonded well together with their common language and empathy. The neuro patient’s mother took 30 year old Jashoda under her wing in a protective gesture and accompanied her to the hospital canteen to get her a meal.

Jashoda’s remarkable faith , courage and will power came to light during her daily visit to the counselling department shrine. The Power of her mother’s prayers was experienced by Pallobhi as she gained strength every day. She was shifted to the CTVS ward and on 27-6-18 she was ready to be discharged.

On the day of discharge, mother and daughter were in a happy frame of mind. Pallobhi who was initially shy had over time befriended the counselor and she shared her dream of her wish to pursue a career in the field of education as a professor in a college. The counsellors bade a fond farewell to Pallobhi and her mother Jashoda. They have returned home to their family having had the unique and unforgettable experience at SSSIHMS  of human kindness and LOVE in action – healed in body, mind and spirit.

At time of discharge