Department of Neurology

SSSIHMS has a well-equipped Center for Neurology which provides the latest facilities for treatment of a broad range of Neurological ailments. The department is at present manned by a Consultant Neurologist and a team of Resident doctors besides the technical and ancillary staff.

The facilities available include state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities such as MRI, CT, EEG, NCV/EMG, Evoked potentials and DSA.

  • We have out-patient as well as in-patient facility including Intensive Care Unit. Out-patients are investigated with CT, MRI imaging and blood tests and neuro-physiological testing as required.
  • Patients are admitted depending upon the clinical need and/or if muscle or nerve biopsies or CSF studies are needed. Physiotherapy department provides the required support.
  • The Department is one of the few places in the country where the equipment and facility for Video Telemetry is available and done on a routine basis.
  • Muscle and Nerve biopsies are also done routinely when required for diagnosis of the neuromuscular disorders.


  • Patient’s who are seen in SSSIHMS Neurology department are initially screened at the Screening block by Neurology Resident doctors and depending upon their condition, a future date of appointment is provided.
  • Patient’s who require immediate care are seen depending upon the availability of consultation slots, beds and emergency facilities.
  • Patient’s who come for consultation as per their appointment dates are evaluated in the NOPD and those requiring in-house treatment are admitted.

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