a small way to make a big positive impact in society


Enjoy a short puzzle – know how much you know about blood donation ?
Scratch your brains and crack the puzzle !
Find the answers to the following questions in the grid below:

  1. Who discovered blood group? (4,11)
  2. Which is the rare blood group?
  3. For how many days can the donated blood be stored?
  4. Which international voluntary organization coordinates the regular blood donation activities?
  5. Which organ in our body is known as ‘The Blood Bank’?
  6. Which blood group was identified in India?
  7. ‘Rh’ name was introduced based on which animal?
  8.  Location of the gene that decides a person’s blood group _____________ (10,4)
  9. National Blood donation day is observed on?
  10. Blood Donation when specific component of blood is separated and transfused is called __________ (9)

Mark out the answers in the grid (note that they are in the above grid in any direction) and send a screen shot to or whatsapp to  90366 95389 along with your name and contact number

? Donating Blood is an act of solidarity – join the effort and Save Lives ?


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