“SSSHIMS is my life saver”

A 49 year old male person came knocking on the doors of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bengaluru with hope. He is a Mason by profession and family is dependent on him. He hails from a village in Midnapore, west Bengal.
One day while working, he felt giddiness and fainted. He was taken to a hospital in Midnapore where they gave medicines for symptomatic relief. After 15 days he went to PGI Calcutta. An ECG taken there showed some changes and the doctors there advised him to get an ICD done costing lakhs. Till now he spent around Rs9000…
While he was discussing his plight with his relatives, his maternal aunt told him about the hospital. She has undergone open heart surgery and also got her son treated here. She was very happy with the quality of care and treatment provided totally free of cost. He came down along with his aunt.
The hospital doctors conducted extensive tests to determine his suitability for ICD. After that he was given a date for admission. After the admission, an ICD was placed inside the body (with the support of Medtronic USA) under is shoulder. The patient was discharged on 21st March 2017. The patient was very happy and grateful for the treatment provided to him and helping his family. Knocking on SSSIHMS doors has ensured that I am not knocked out.

(As told to Sri. Venkataraman, a Sevadal volunteer and written by Mrs. Sheela Sai Prasad)

Note to the reader:
ICD is a battery powered device with logic for detecting inappropriate and fast heart contractions. The battery delivers electric current thereby giving a shock and returns the heart to its normal condition. If shock is not given in short span of 2-3minutes, it may prove fatal.