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SACRED-15 Conference Warm-up

Dear delegates,

Welcome on board for the SACRED-15 educational treat. We would like each one of you to benefit from the conference and make your learning enjoyable.

As a starter for the treat, we will periodically upload pre-tests relevant to each day of the course to get you going. It will benefit if you read-up regarding the same and attempt the pre-tests. Keep coming back to this page as we go along. This is more of a self-assessment exercise and there is no need to mail us the answers.

We will upload the posters that have been submitted by the delegates for this conference here for you to review before coming for the conference.

If you have any specific questions that you wish to be answered during the conference, Please mail them in advance to so that the speaker can cover these during his lectures. Please feel free to ask any question without any hesitation. While  learning, there is nothing called a “silly” question.


Thursday, 06-Aug-2015 9 AM – 12 PMPractical Applications of MRI Physics

The Physics of MR Imaging is very fascinating but unfortunately, with time “decays” rapidly. The only way we can improve SNR is to increase the number of signal averages (read as: “listen as many times as possible”). To ensure you get maximum benefit from the conference, it will help if you read-up  and attempt the pre-test questions below.

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Friday, 07-Aug-2015 – Neuro Imaging

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Sunday, 09-Aug-2015 – MSK Imaging

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